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Betsoft Gaming Played

bsg/UnderTheBed bsg/UnderTheBed bsg/UnderTheBed
Under The Bed
bsg/AlkemorsElements bsg/AlkemorsElements bsg/AlkemorsElements
Alkemor's Elements
bsg/2MillionBC bsg/2MillionBC bsg/2MillionBC
2 Million B.C.
bsg/LuckySeven bsg/LuckySeven bsg/LuckySeven
Lucky Seven
bsg/AtTheMovies bsg/AtTheMovies bsg/AtTheMovies
At The Movies
bsg/EnchantedForestOfFortune bsg/EnchantedForestOfFortune bsg/EnchantedForestOfFortune
Enchanted: Forest Of Fortune
bsg/GoldenHorns bsg/GoldenHorns bsg/GoldenHorns
Golden Horns
bsg/RiseofTriton bsg/RiseofTriton bsg/RiseofTriton
Rise of Triton
bsg/AmericanRoulette bsg/AmericanRoulette bsg/AmericanRoulette
American Roulette
bsg/TopCardTrumps bsg/TopCardTrumps bsg/TopCardTrumps
Top Card Trumps
bsg/SafariSam2 bsg/SafariSam2 bsg/SafariSam2
Safari Sam 2
bsg/OasisPoker bsg/OasisPoker bsg/OasisPoker
Oasis Poker
bsg/GreedyGoblins bsg/GreedyGoblins bsg/GreedyGoblins
Greedy Goblins
bsg/EuropeanRoulette bsg/EuropeanRoulette bsg/EuropeanRoulette
European Roulette
bsg/CharmsTreasures bsg/CharmsTreasures bsg/CharmsTreasures
Charms & Treasures
bsg/DrJekyllAndMrHyde bsg/DrJekyllAndMrHyde bsg/DrJekyllAndMrHyde
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
bsg/TripleCashOrCrash bsg/TripleCashOrCrash bsg/TripleCashOrCrash
Triple Cash Or Crash
bsg/CaribbeanPoker bsg/CaribbeanPoker bsg/CaribbeanPoker
Caribbean Poker
bsg/7thHeaven bsg/7thHeaven bsg/7thHeaven
7th Heaven
bsg/FaFaTwins bsg/FaFaTwins bsg/FaFaTwins
bsg/AmericanBlackjack bsg/AmericanBlackjack bsg/AmericanBlackjack
American Blackjack
bsg/MegaGlamLife bsg/MegaGlamLife bsg/MegaGlamLife
Mega Glam Life
bsg/PrimalHunt bsg/PrimalHunt bsg/PrimalHunt
Primal Hunt
bsg/SugarPop bsg/SugarPop bsg/SugarPop
Sugar Pop
bsg/RedDog bsg/RedDog bsg/RedDog
Red Dog
bsg/TakeTheBank bsg/TakeTheBank bsg/TakeTheBank
Take The Bank
bsg/AlkemorsTower bsg/AlkemorsTower bsg/AlkemorsTower
Alkemor's Tower
bsg/Arrival bsg/Arrival bsg/Arrival
bsg/Stacked bsg/Stacked bsg/Stacked
bsg/MammaMia bsg/MammaMia bsg/MammaMia
Mamma Mia
bsg/TakeSantasShop bsg/TakeSantasShop bsg/TakeSantasShop
Take Santa's shop
bsg/BackToVenus bsg/BackToVenus bsg/BackToVenus
Back To Venus
bsg/Super7Blackjack bsg/Super7Blackjack bsg/Super7Blackjack
Super 7 Blackjack
bsg/Supreme777Jackpots bsg/Supreme777Jackpots bsg/Supreme777Jackpots
Supreme 777 Jackpots
bsg/HouseOfFun bsg/HouseOfFun bsg/HouseOfFun
House of Fun
bsg/HatTrickHero bsg/HatTrickHero bsg/HatTrickHero
Hat Trick Hero
bsg/ReelsofWealth bsg/ReelsofWealth bsg/ReelsofWealth
Reels of Wealth
bsg/SuperSweets bsg/SuperSweets bsg/SuperSweets
Super Sweets
bsg/TreasureRoom bsg/TreasureRoom bsg/TreasureRoom
Treasure Room
bsg/Slotfather bsg/Slotfather bsg/Slotfather


It is one of the most experienced manufacturers in the modern gambling industry. The BetSoft Gaming develops modern equipment for online casinos. For the first time, the company declared itself in 1999, when it gathered a team of experienced specialists and launched the first slot machine. But the rapid development of the company began only in 2005-2007. During this period, the provider mastered the new visual effects and became a leader in the field of 3D video slots. Of course, the manufacturer did not want to stop, so it began the development of a mobile platform, which was introduced in early 2012.

Betsoft models have special features that attract thousands of gamers. Experts point out several of their main advantages:

-Unique 3D graphics that creates realistic gameplay.

-using of Expandicon technology that provides movement of characters during rotations.

-original plots and ideas. Each video slot offers interesting stories, adventures and travels.

-bonuses. Betsoft products are endowed with special symbols, various mini-games and free spins.

By the way, the provider releases not only video slots, but also Blackjack, different versions of Roulette and popular video poker.

Today, the company is following new trends and also creates popular content. It concludes agreements with popular online casinos and also participates in exhibitions and forums (ICE Totally Gaming and others).

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